75 Year-Old Grandma Shoots Hoops Like a Pro

By Viral Hoops Staff

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While most 75 year-olds may prefer less demanding sports, one grandma has impressed people of all ages by her athletic ability.

Zue Shumei is known as “the Basketball Granny”, and at 75 yrs old would put a lot young of basketball players to shame.

Every morning she arrives at the basketball court at seven am and takes 200 shots, hardly missing a single one. But her routine doesn’t end there. To keep her muscles strong she climbs up a tall metal pole. After that she swings from a set of monkey bars to strengthen her arm muscles.

And it’s not just some hobby she picked up recently. This athletic granny has been doing it for the past 23 years.

Students at Zhejiang Normal University claim she is a legend and an inspiring role model.

[She Yue, Senior Student]:
“What she has been doing moved us deeply. She is full of positive spirit.”

But her story is not one without hardship. The athletic granny suffers from health problems including cataracts and heart disease. Her meager government stipend does not cover the cost of her medicines, and she relies on financial support from her son.

Students She Yue and Song Huating have been posting her inspirational stories online, and recently held a fundraiser for the poor grandma.

[Song Huating, Student at Zhejiang Normal University]:
“If we are to hold more donation events in the future, we will let others know on micro-blogs. We hope that we can help her solve her fundamental problems.”

While the woman’s finances are tight, she says she doesn’t feel good about taking the student’s money.

[Zhu Shumei, Basketball Gran]:
“I know the money collected is from their parents. They are but students, where do they get the money? I feel bad if I take money from them.”

The students aren’t giving up though. More are joining the cause to make the basketball grandma’s life a little bit easier.

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