A Player Accidentally Scored on His Own Basket at Buzzer to Cost Team Playoff Game.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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They’re rare, but occasionally you will see a team scoring an own basket – normally at the lower levels. But during a professional game, and at the buzzer to force OT?! Unheard of.

That is exactly what happened after Aris defeat Kifisia 108-103 in overtime in the Greek League playoffs, with all credit going to former Arizona State player Jermaine Marshall, who scored a game-tying shot at the buzzer at the end of regulation to force overtime.

With Kifisia up two and five seconds left, Aris were at the free throw line – missing the second, Kifisia hauled in the rebound and one of his teammates trying to avoid the foul drove hard to his own basket before dishing to Marshall who forgot he was meant to be attacking the other end and put it up to score the wide open lay up at the buzzer and force OT!

From there, with the team deflated, they would go on to lose in the quarter final series game. Wow.

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