College Player Dribbles Out Clock Mistakenly Thinking His Team Were Ahead. Wow.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Sometimes you screw up in a way that you’ll find difficult to forget any time soon, and unfortunately for Bryant freshman guard Ikenna Ndugba, this was his moment.

The end of the Bryant-Brown games crazy; Nisre Zouzoua hit a 3-pointer to put Bryant ahead 90-89. Brown’s Tavon Blackmon quickly responded with a layup to give Brown a 91-90 lead.

But what happened next, nobody could believe. Ndugba received the ball inbounds with 3.8 seconds left and instead of running the floor to get up a hail mary at the buzzer, he just dribbled out the clock before tossing the ball up in the air as if he’d won. Wow.

Poor dude.

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