It’s 2014 & This Guy Just Threw Down EIGHT Dunks That Have NEVER Been Done Before! WTF?!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

Just incase you had any doubt that Jordan Kilganon was the best dunker in the world right now, I think he just staked his claim.

Being 2014 and all, there seems to be very little creativity left in dunking – or so I thought, and then, courtesy of Bounce Kit, I saw this.

Kilganon throws down eight dunks in this that I’ve never seen before done by anyone, plus another two (the 720 and the reverse pump double honey dip) that I’ve seen only once or twice.

Absolutely crazy.

We’ve broken down the eight dunks below in GIF format (with made up names, except ‘The Scorpion’ – which he gave it himself)

1) The Scorpion

2) Scorpion Over Someone

3) No Look Scorpion Over Someone

4) Reverse Pump Over Car

5) The Real Double Pump

6) 360 Ridiculousness

7) Fake Windmill Windmill

8) The Look

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