They Say the True Big Man is Dead, But Donatas Motiejūnas is Proving Otherwise. This is Just Beautiful to Watch.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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For years now, people have been saying there are very few ‘real’ big men left in the league. However, there is one player who has one of the most complete post games we’ve seen in a long time that nobody is talking about.

Houston Rockets’ 7’0 big man Donatas Motiejunas, who hails from Lithuania has it all when you’re talking about a back to the basket game.

Footwork? Check. Sky hook? Check. Up and unders? Check. Jump hook? Check. Fakes? Check. Spin moves. Check. Both hands? Check.

This 6 and a half minute highlight reel of ‘D-Mo’s’ post play during the 2014-14 NBA season is a thing of beauty. This is how I want to see big men playing, not floating around on the perimeter trying to knock down jumpers.

Every aspiring big man should watch this. And then watch it again, again and again.

And then share it with their friends 😉


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