Ever Wondered How Easy It Is to Get Girls as a College Basketball Player? Now We Have the Proof. OMG!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Ray Allen Threesome He Got Game
You always see it in the movies – girls in college throwing themselves at basketball players; the college girls all over Jesus Shuttlesworth in ‘He Got Game’ is one of its most famous scenes.

But for those of us who didn’t play basketball at college, just how true is it?

According to former Vanderbilt starting point guard Kyle “Zoom” Fuller (picture below), it’s real, and he’s provided the proof.

Fuller is in the process of writing a book, “Below The Rim: The Dirty Side of College Basketball” (he’s doing a Kick Starter campaign here if you’re interested in reading it) which promises to share action-packed short stories about the raunchy escapades, rampant perks, and hidden stress of being a top NCAA athlete.
Kyle Zoom Fuller in College
To create a bit of hype and give a sneak preview of the realities, he sent the Lad Bible the below screenshots of text messages he received as a college ball player:
College Basketball Player Text MessageCollege Basketball Player Getting GirlsCollege Basketball Player SexBasketball Groupie

Wow. That’s all I can say about that. I knew I shoulda worked harder for the scholarship.

Source: The Lad Bible

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