Here’s a Reality Check If You’re Aiming for a Basketball Scholarship. EVERY Aspiring Basketball Player NEEDS to Watch This!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

Are you currently in High School, working your butt off aiming for that college scholarship to play basketball? Or do you know someone that is?

If so, you/they need to see this video.

Here is a reality check on what your actual chances are of getting that scholarship to play Division 1 basketball.

Here’s the maths:

  • There are currently 351 Division 1 teams that each offer 13 scholarships a year.
  • On average, that means there are 1141 available new scholarships each year.
  • However, 30% of Junior College/Prep School players take those scholarships (342 total) that leaves us with 800.
  • Additionally, 10% of all scholarships go to overseas players which means we need to take off another 114.
  • That leaves us with 686 players that Division 1 schools can sign directly out of High School in the US.
  • Now let’s do some sums. There are 38,400 public and private  High Schools in the US that offer a basketball programme.
  • On average, there are 4 seniors that play for each varsity team.
  • This means there are 154,600 High School Seniors, give or take, trying to get 686 scholarships.
  • The math on that? 0.4%. Yes,  as an American High School Senior you have a 0.4% chance of getting an NCAA Division 1 scholarship.
  • It gets worse though. Half of these scholarships will go to players 6’5″ or taller. So if you’re under 6’5″, reduce your chances to about 0.2%.

However, all is not lost. Division 2 programme offers 765 scholarships per year, and NAIA schools offers a thousand plus, half or full, scholarships. So in total this increases your odds to around a 1% chance of getting a scholarship to college if you’re a HS senior.

They say pressure bursts pipes or makes diamonds. The question is, are you going to use this as a sign you have no hope and give up, or use it as motivation to work even harder?

Source: Pro Shot Shooting System

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