You Won’t Believe What These NBA Players Said on Twitter Before it Blew Up. LOL!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

Nowadays, with hundreds of millions of users, NBA players are pretty savvy with what they can and can’t get away with saying on Twitter. One ill-advised tweet can blow up pretty quick, and though there still is the odd scandal, most players manage to stay out of the headlines.

Not anymore.

Reddit user JewishDoggy did some trawling through the internet archives and dug up these gems from various NBA guys before Twitter was huge, and in some cases, before they were in the league.

Damian Lillard calling out LeBron James and saying he’s a pussy? Check.

Paul George saying “that bitch better pay child support”? Check.

Kevin Durant saying “shut up fag boi”? Check.

Evan Turner’s shocked reaction to Dirk dating a ‘sister? Check.

Check out some of the gems below:

Ty Lawson
Kevin Durant tweet
Paul George Tweet
Paul George Tweets
Damian Lillard LeBron James twitter
Damian Lillard LeBron Twitter
Damian Lillard LeBron James Tweet
Damian Lillard LeBron James Twitter Beef
Damian Lillard LeBron James Pussy Tweet
Dame Lillard LeBron James Twitter
Russell Westbrook KD Twitter
Quincy Miller Tweet
Evan Turner Dirk Nowitzki Tweet
Mo Speights David Stern tweet
Draymond Green David Stern Tweet

View the rest of the album here.

Source: /r/NBA

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