23 of The Greatest Shammgod Crossovers EVER – Is this The Sickest Move Of All Time?!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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God ShammgodThe ‘shammgod’ might just be the sickest move you will see in a basketball game.

The move, popularized by ‘God Shammgod’ after he pulled it out in the 1997 NCAA tournament, has been seen as far back as the 1980’s in Europe. Yugoslavian forward Dejan Bodiroga (drafted by the Kings in ’95 but opted to stay in Europe) was the first player to use it on a regular basis – with it being known as ‘El Latigo’, meaning ‘The Whip’ in Spanish.

Nowadays, it has become a lot more widespread – so we decided to put together a list of our 23 top plays involving the shammgod crossover! Check ’em out:

1) Lamar Odom Does a Shammgod Through Defender’s Legs

Here’s some vintage Lamar Odom for you, as he pulls the shammgod, goes through the defender’s legs and makes the layup!

Source: Gotemcoach

2) Dejan Bodoriga LOSES Dude with Shammgod

A lot of people don’t know that Dejan Bodoriga was actually the first person to become known for the use of the shammgod – not God Shammgod. Here he is putting someone in the mix! Check out his full shammgod reel here.

Source: YouTube

3) Remy Minor with the Dirty Shammgod

Shout out to this young buck, Remy Minor, who pulls out a nasty Shammgod before hitting the three!

Source: TJ Ford

4) Brandon Key Nasty Cross into Shammgod

Arguably the nastiest shammgod we’ve ever seen, as high schooler Brandon Key pulls out this filth.

Source: Hoopmixtape

5) God Shammgod with the OG Shammgod

This is the shammgod that brought the move to the masses, as God Shammgod brings it out in the NCAA tournament.

Source: Jay Zee

6) God Shammgod Again

God Shammgod does it again.

Source: YouTube

7) Manu Ginobili Shakes Emeka Okafor with the Shammgod

Manu Ginobili is so known for his use of the shammgod, he has a whole mix dedicated to it.

Source: YouTube

8) Danilo Gallinari Shammgod in Las Vegas Summer League

Who knew Gallinari had it in him? Danilo brings out the shammgod at the NBA’s Las Vegas Summer League, shocking everyone so much the clip has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Source: YouTube

9) Chris Paul Shammgod to Create Space vs David Lee

CP3 has alsow become well known for his tendency to use the shammgod, but this one might be the nicest of em, as he catches David Lee and knocks down the J.

Source: YouTube

10) Tyreke Evans Shammgod at Elite 24 Scrimmage

Here is Tyreke Evans making a defender look silly at The Elite 24 Midnight Scrimmage in 2011!

Source: Hoopmixtape

11) Kyrie Irving Shammgods Brandon Bass

Kyrie Irving might just have the nastiest handle in the league, and he proves it with this shammgod as he drops Brandon Bass!

Source: YouTube

12) Uncle Drew Shammgods to the Hoop

No Shammgod compilation would be complete without Uncle Drew doing his thing!

Source: Pepsi

13) Aquille Carr BREAKS Kid with Shammgod in Transition

Aquille Carr will forever go down in history for having some of the nastiest handles ever seen in high school, and this shammgod in transition might be one of his nicest moves.

Source: Hoopmixtape

14) Tony Wroten Naughty Shammgod Crossover

This is without doubt one of the nasties shammgod combo moves we’ve seen, from Tony Wroten at the Seattle Pro-Am.

Source: Ballislife

15) T-Mac Shammgod in China into Pullup

T-Mac has a whole shammgod highlight reel on YouTube but this might just be the nicest of ’em as he shammgods into a J while dropping defender!

Source: Return of The Mac

16) Vasillis Spanoulis in the 2012 Euroleague Final Four

Vasillis Spanoulis shows his style in Europe, bringing out the shammgod at the Final Fours on a world stage for the lay in! He also has a shammgod reel on Youtube.

Source: Euroleague

17) Xavier Rathan Mayes Sick Shammgod & Dime

Another dope shammgod from high school, this time from Xavier Rathan Mayes, who kills the shammgod before making the sick dish to his big man for the dunk.

Source: Hoopmixtape

18) Tyson Wheeler Shammgods God Shammgod in ’95!

Tyson Wheeler uploaded this to YouTube as his claim to fame, catching God Shammgod himself with a shammgod in 1995.

Source: Ty Wheeler

19) Shannon Brown Shammgod on the Break

Shannon Brown, not known for his handle, brings out the shammgod on the break in Phoenix, before getting inside for the layup.

Source: Imadogg

20) Kobe Bryant Baby Shammgod

Even Kobe has got in on the act. Granted, it’s just a little one, but nice nonetheless!

Source: YouTube

21) John Wall Shammgod on Michael Carter-Williams on the Break

Wall brings out the baby shammgod on the break to get past Michael Carter-Williams and make the and-1 layup.

Source: NBA

22) Kyrie Irving Dirty Shammgod at the Seattle Pro-Am

Kyrie Irving brought out this filthy shammgod at the Seattle Pro-Am one summer.

Source: Hoopmixtape

23) Kaphel Ulett Waul Shammgod into Dime for Poster

Kaphel Ulett Waul shakes his defender with the shammgod before dishing to Nathan Schall who throws down the monster poster dunk in Manchester in England in 2013.

Source: Hoopsfix

So there are our nastiest shammgods – what do you think, any we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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