12 NBA Players Who Celebrated BEFORE The Play Was Complete – LeBron Called #8 SO Early! Now THIS is Confidence.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Paul George Celebrates Early
To make the NBA, you obviously have to have a TON of confidence in yourself.

Maybe Kobe said it best with this quote; “if you don’t believe in yourself, noone else will”.

But with these plays, they are the most confident of the confident – celebrating a play before it is complete. That ranges from turning around and taunting a bench while the shot is still in the air, to running the full length of the court before your teammate’s game winner has gone in!

Check ’em out and let us know what you think! Crazy.

Thanks to r/nba for the help!

1) Jamal Crawford Taunts Portland Bench Before Three Pointer Goes In

2) Gilbert Arenas Turns & Celebrates Game Winner vs Utah!

3) Steph Curry vs Denver Nuggets Bench

4) Larry Bird to Win ’88 Three Point Contest

5) Paul George Turns to Face the Bucks Bench

6) Greivis Vasquez Taunts the Bench Before Hitting

7) Steph Curry Celebrates Barbosa’s Three Early

8) LeBron James Celebrates Ray Allen’s Three

9) Nicolas Batum Celebrates LaMarcus Aldridge’s Game Winner

10) Batum Celebrates Damian Lillard’s Game Winner

11) Donte Greene Celebrates Before Tyreke’s Clutch Half Court Game Winner

12) Dennis Shroder Turns & Shakes Head Before Three Drops!

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