Have Some Perspective: 15 Pictures of NBA Players Making Regular People Look Tiny

By Viral Hoops Staff

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We throw around the heights of NBA players on a regular basis without actually thinking just how tall that is. Well, I’ve decided to give you a little bit of perspective, check out these 15 photos of NBA players making regular people look ridiculously tiny!

1) Shaq & Girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander

A 7’0″, Shaq is a good two feet taller than girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander – and it is portrayed no better than in this photo.
Shaq and Girlfriend

2) Yao Ming & Houston Rockets Athletic Trainer

At 7’6″, Yao Ming was a spectacle, and this photo shows just how big he is compared to the “regular” guy.
Yao Ming and Trainer

3) George Muresan Getting Interviewed

The 7’7″ George Muersan is a beast, and being interviewed by these asian reporters, you can see how tall he really is.

4) Pau Gasol & David Beckham

David Beckham isn’t exactly short himself, at a solid 6’0″ – taller than the average man for sure, but next to the 7’0″ Pau Gasol he is a midget.
David Beckham & Pau Gasol

5) Manute Bol & Pal

Another 7’7″ player in the late Manute Bol, portrayed just how tall he was with a photo at Basketball without Borders.
Manute Bol and Friend

6) Nikola Pekovic Next to Comedian Zach Galifianakis

Nikola Pekovic isn’t even seven foot (6’11”), but is still a giant compared to Zach Galifianakis.
Nikola-Pekovic & Zach-Galifianakis

7) Hasheem Thabeet with Friend

At 7’3″, OKC’s Hasheem Thabeet is a monster, and dwarfs the friend/fan in this picture.
Hasheem Thabeet

8) Channing Frye with Friend

6’11” Channing Frye looks about 8 foot next to her.
Channing Frye Friend

9) Shaq & Yao Ming with Christina Aguilera

Perhaps one of the most famous images, 7’0″ Shaq and 7’6″ Yao Ming, engulfing 5’2″ Christina Aquilera at NBA All Star weekend a few years back.

10) Chris Bosh with Wife Adrienne Williams

Chris Bosh is a good couple of feet taller than his smokin’ wife, Adrienne Williams.
Lacoste - Backstage - Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

11) Dikembe Mutombo and Bill Clinton

At 6’2″ former President Bill Clinton is used to being one of the taller guys in the room, that is, unless 7’2″ Dikembe Mutombo is around.
President Clinton Attends Segal Family Foundation Meeting On Africa

12) Roy Hibbert & Google Glass Employee

Recently, 7’2″ Pacers big man Roy Hibbert did a number of experiments with Google Glass, and here he is towering over a Google employee.
Roy Hibbert & Google Glass

13) Shawn Bradley and Fan

At 7’6″ Shawn Bradley is going to make anyone look small, but with this fan in particular, the height difference is crazy.
Shawn Bradley and Fan

14) Rik Smits and Fans

7’4″ Rik Smits towers over four Pacers fans.
Rik Smits Fans

15) Pavel Podkolzin on Draft Day

7’5″ Pavel Podkolzin was drafted by Utah in the 2004 draft, and on draft night, looked down on everyone!
Pavel-Podkolzin Draft Day

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