These 24 Basketball Players Failed So Hard You’ll Cringe…#22 is The Worst!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Ahhh, the humble basketball fail, a joy to behold for everyone, except the player who fails.

We’ve compiled these 24 howlers which will either make you laugh or cry they are so bad.

1) Gerald Wallace Wide Open Lay-Up Fail


2) Chris Bosh’s Airball in the All-Star Game

Chris Bosh Airball All Star Game

3) Bill Simmons is An Awful Basketball Player

Bill Simmons Bad Basketball Player

4) South Florida Player’s Free Throw is So Short

South Florida Airball

5) This Girl’s Free Throw is Worse than Awful. AWFUL.

Worst Free Throw Ever from Girl

6) Shout Out to This Kid

Backyard Basketball Trickshot Fail

7) Did Russell Westbrook Just Airball a Layup?

Russell Westbrook Airball Layup

8) And People Say That Barack Obama Can Hoop

Barack Obama Terrible Layup

9) Fat Guy Airball Lay Up

Josh Smith Airball Layup

10) Worst Free Throw Technique Ever.

Pump Fake Free Throw

11) This is What You Get For Trying to Show Off

Girls Basketball Play Fail

12) Best Trick Shot Fail Ever

Basketball Trick Shot Fail

13) Desagana Diop Comes Up Way Short

Desagana Diop Free Throw Fail

14) This is Why Big Men Shouldn’t Shoot Threes

Big Man Three Pointer Fail

15) Devin Harris’ Three Pointer is Nowhere Near

Devin Harris Airball

16) Missing Wide Open Dunks Does Not Impress Your Coach

Missed Dunk Disappointed Coach

17) Way to Break the Backboard


18) Always Be On Guard Around Those Attempting Trick Shots

Backyard Basketball Trick Shot

19) Who Thought It Would Be a Good Idea to Play Ball on Unicycles?

Unicycle Basketball Fail

20) This Has Got to Hurt

Dunk Landing Fail

21) Always Make Sure Your Shoes Have Adequate Grip

Driveway Dunk Slip Fail

22) Worst Free Throw Ever. Seriously.

Worst Free Throw Ever

23) Nate Robinson Gets Over Excited

Nate Robinson Celebration Fail

24) Always Check Trampoline’s Weight Capacity

Fat Man Trampoline Dunk FailMake sure you share with your friends by using the buttons below!

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