23 of the Most Amazing & Unique Basketball Courts You Will Ever See. I Desperately Want to Play on #7!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Every hooper loves to see basketball courts that are a little bit different or out there, and the following 23 courts are some of the most amazing and unique basketball courts that exist on the planet.

Take a look, share with your friends and let us know your favorite one!

1) The Carrier Classic Basketball Court

Carrier-Classic-Basketball-CourtSource: NY Daily News

2) Amazingly Colorful Paradise Court


3) Eurobasket 2013 Pop Up Court in Postojna Cave

Eurobasket-2013-Basketball-Court-in-Postojna-CaveSource: Eurobasket

4) Nike Court on the River Thames, London

Nike-Basketball-Court-on-the-River-ThamesSource: Hoopsfix.com

5) FIBA Court on the Sea

Fiba-Basketball-Court-on-the-SeaSource: FIBA

6) Carnival Cruise Ship Basketball Court

Carnival-Cruise-Ship-Basketball-CourtSource: Cruises.co.uk

7) Glow in the Dark Court in Germany

Glow-in-the-Dark-Basketball-CourtSource: YouTube

8) Angel’s Gate Park Basketball Court, Santa Catalina Channel & Island Backdrop

Angel's-Gate-Basketball-CourtSource: Flickr

9) Remote Court in Iceland

Iceland-Basketball-Court-RemoteSource:  Flickr: melindaainsworthroy

10) Coastside Court in Belize

Belize-Basketball-CourtSource: travelblog.org

11) Stone Encrusted Hoop Court in Guatemala

Guetmala-basketball-CourtSource: Flickr: 9880932@N02

12) Phillipines Basketball Court Over Looking the Sea

Phillipines-Basketball-CourtSource: Flickr: 21697172@N07

13) Temporary Quai 54 Basketball Court in Front of Eiffel Tower 2011

Quai-54-Basketball-CourtSource: Quai 54

14) The Regal Basketball Court in London

The-Regal-Basketball-CourtSource: Hoopsfix.com

16) Temporary Quai 54 Basketball Court at Palais de Tokyo in Paris 2010

Quai-54-Basketball-CourtSource: wearehq.com

17) Pink Backboards Court in Mexico

Mexico-Basketball-CourtSource: Flickr: 70214759@N00

18) All Wood Everything Private Indoor Court

All-Wood-Basketball-CourtSource: Homesoftherich.net

19) Esplanade Court by St Lawrence Market

Esplanade-CourtSource: realgm.com

20) Basketball Hall of Fame Basketball Court

Basketball-Hall-of-Fame-Basketball-CourtSource: operationsports

21) 3D Basketball Court in Munich

3d-Basketball-CourtSource: fubiz.net

22) Floating Basketball Court in Cambodia

Floating-Basketball-CourtSource: Matthew Chong

23) Mexian Riviera Cruise Basketball Court

Mexican-Riviera-Cruise-Basketball-CourtSource: Flickr Clickr Bee

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