This Autistic Player Hadn’t Scored a Point All Season. What the Other Team Did is What Sports Are All About.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Beau-Howell-CelebratesThere are sometimes moments in games that transcend basketball, and this was one of those.

Beau Howell, a 5’6″ freshman at Trinity Classical with autism, had appeared in 9 games so far on the season, but was yet to score a single point.

With 59 seconds remaining in the game, and Trinity Classical leading by 23, Howell checked in.
Beau Howell Checks inHis teammates immediately got the ball to Beau.Passing Beau the BallHe put up the shot but it bounced off the rim and didn’t go in.
Beau Howell Second Shot AttemptNeither did his second.Beau Howell Second Shot AttemptDesert Chapel secured the rebound and called a timeout.Desert Chapel HS Time OutAs the teams came back on the floor, and Desert Chapel in possession, what happened next was remarkable.Desert Chapel Gives Ball to Beau Howell

Watch the video to see exactly how it panned out:

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