From The Very First To The Very Last, These 25 Basketball Photographers Captured the Moment Perfectly. LOL.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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The job of a basketball photographer is to capture the moments that represent a game or player and, if all goes to plan, be remembered for their great photo-taking abilities.

With them taking hundreds of shots per game, they are bound to capture some of the lighter moments; such as the 25 photos below, photos that, if the players had their way, I’m sure they’d want erased from the internet!

Check ’em out:

1) Be Careful of the Rebound When You Dunk The Ball

Basketball Dunk Ball in the Face

2)Yao Ming & Siskauskas Pucker Up

Yao Ming Siskauskas

3) Kevin Durant & Ron Artest Make Love to A Basketball

Kevin Durant Ron

4) Ron Artest & Paul Pierce Get Intimate

Ron Artest and Paul

5) When Trying to Take a Charge Goes Wrong

Balls in Face Dunk

6) Mike Dunleavy Jr Gets Kicked by Ira Newble

Mike Dunleavy Kicked by Ira Newble

7) Don Nelson Riding Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson Don

8) How Not to Play Defence

Kyle Korver Defense

9) How Not to Play Defence Part 2

How not to play defense

10) Stephen Jackson Having His Nose Picked

Stephen Jackson Finger Up Nose

11) Slapped So Hard We Got No Clue Who it Is

Basketball Slap to the Face

12) Not the Best Look When Shooting a Free Throw

Spanish Pau Gasol of NBA's Memphis Grizz

13) Baron Davis Getting Into it With Al Jefferson

Baron Davis Al Jefferson

14) Kobe Bryant Trying a New Type of Defence

Kobe Bryant Grabbing Dwight Howards

15) Pau Gasol Letting Off Some Steam with Juwan Howard

Pau Gasol Juwan

16) Dwight Howard Giving Directions

Dwight Howard

17) Wichita State Playing Great Defence

Wichita State

18) Shawn Marion Going For the Jump Balls

Shawn Marion Jump Ball

19) Yao Ming’s Defender Gets a Mouthful


20) Brigham Young Defender Gets a Faceful

Pepperdine hand to face Brigham Young defender

21) Dirk Nowitzki Having a Bad Day at the Office

Dirk Nowitzki Damon

22) Harlem Globetrotters Pulling a Dude’s Shorts Down

Globetrotters Pull Short

23) This One Had to Hurt

High Schooler Kick to the

24) Michael Jordan Playing the Facilitator

Michael Jordan Three

25) Shaq Getting Involved with Danny Ferry

Shaquille O'Neal Humps Danny Ferry

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