The Reason This Kid Is Shovelling Snow Off a Basketball Court is So Inspiring.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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New York City photographer Manny Midy was walking by the park when he saw this happening.
He later took to Facebook, posting the same photo and providing a full explanation of what happened.

His description was as follows:

“Over the weekend, I was out enjoying the rare 55 degree mid winter day like everyone else, until I walked by the park and saw this 11-12 year old kid SHOVELING the public park!

“I asked him why was he doing it, what came out of this kids mouth may have been the most motivating statement I have ever heard from a child in my life.

“He said to me “I’m shoveling because this is the first time my team has ever made the playoffs… The city isn’t going to shovel the court and I can’t wait for the sun to melt it. I need to practice now because I want to win”.

“I almost shed a tear of how awesome it was to hear such a profound statement from someone so young.

“I may frame this photo to remind myself, there is someone out there more dedicated and working hard right now for the spot We have in this world. ‪#‎lesson‬ here is get off your lazy butt and do something and stop waiting for help with your goals! ‪#‎MOTIVATE‬ YOURSELF!”

“This young man had dedication and determination which he shared with me,” Midy told BuzzFeed. “Regardless of how old or young you are, it’s about believing in yourself and your dreams. A message children and adults from all walks of life can get behind.”

Source: Buzzfeed

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