These Brothers Are So Inspiring They Almost Brought LeBron James to Tears. Wow.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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LeBron James Close to TearsConner and Cayden Long were the recipients of the Sports Illustrated Kids 2012 SportsKids of the Year Award, and their story was touching enough that it almost brought NBA superstar LeBron James to tears.

Although Cayden has cerebral palsy it hasn’t stopped him from competing in triathlons with his older brother Conner.
Conner and Cayden LongHis parents were told to put Cayden in a home before he was born, but they refused.
Jenny and Jeff LongConner has taken Cayden under his wing and their story has received national media attention.Conner and Cayden Long on ABC NewsTheir love for each other is truly touching.Conner and Cayden Long LoveFor their amazing story, they were given the award from Sports Illustrated.Conner Long Picks up Sports Illusrated AwardLeBron James was also in attendance and couldn’t believe their story.

“I’m lost for words,” he said when he took the stage. “Conner and Cayden are the real sportsmen of the year as they label it as sports kids, nah they’re the real sportsmen of the year, that story right there, if it didn’t go off soon it would’ve had me in tears.

“I got two sons, 8 and 5, so they will be seeing that story. I don’t have to preach anymore because what you do, I can just show that, and my older son will know what he should do for his younger brother.”


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