An 18 Year Old German Kid Called Dirk Once Dropped 52 Points on Scottie Pippen. Charles Barkley Tells This Story BEAUTIFULLY!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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”Scottie, MJ, there was a bunch of NBA guys,” Charles started. “Dirk was 18. This was when Scottie was quote on quote ‘the best defender in the world’. So Dirk is kicking our ass. He’s got like 25 at halftime. Me and Michael are like ‘Scottie you gotta pick it up a little bit’. He’s like ‘man I’m gonna lock him down in the second half’.

“Dirk finished with 52. I was like ‘dude, who the hell are you?!'”

And so the story began. Watch Charles Barkley tell one of my favorite NBA stories ever to a bunch of guys at what looks like a baseball charity game. Awesome.

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