The Cocky Defender Stood Over & Taunted Him as He Launched the Game Winning Attempt. No-One Could Believe What Happened Next.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

There is just nothing I enjoy more than seeing someone get what they deserve, and this cock defender getting served is no exception to that, as he stood over Trevor Williams’ as his game-winning three point attempt flew through the air.

Here’s what happened:
Trevor Williams Receives the BallTrevor receives the ball in the corner off an inbounds pass under a lot of pressure.
Trevor Williams One Defender
He dribbles away from the double team so it is just him and one (soon to be embarrassed) defender.Trevor Williams Three Point AttemptHe pulls it back and pulls up for the fadeaway three with the defender’s hand in his face.Game-Winner-Over-Cocky-DefenderNo doubt, it was a tough shot, and the defender (wrongly) assumes it has no hope of going in, so as Trevor Williams falls to the floor, he stands over him to taunt him, thinking he’d got away with the win.Trevor Williams Game Winner Over Cocky DefenderHowever, of course, it went in! Cue the madness.

This is a must see clip:

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