You Won’t Believe What Dwyane Wade & Gatorade Did to This High School Team’s Locker Room During a Game. Best. Surprise. Ever

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Whilst all attention was on the NBA’s elite at All Star Weekend in New Orleans, Dwyane Wade & Gatorade decided to surprise one unsuspecting high school team on the grass roots level.


Riverdale High Rebels are on the bring of a playoff birth for the first time in over 20 years, despite their modest facilities, so Wade and Gatorade decided to give them a surprise of a lifetime whilst they were playing a must-win game.

Their current locker room leaved a lot to be desired. Bare, with little prestige to it, it didn’t exactly create a winning atmosphere.
So Riverdale went out onto the floor and played their game.
Meanwhile, the Gatorade team got to work.

The team got the job done on the floor, whilst the workers got the job done in the locker room.

After getting the win, the Riverdale players couldn’t believe it.
And then were given an even bigger shock when Dwyane Wade walked in.
Team shout of family.
There you have it, one legit locker room that can compete with the pros!


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