This Has to Be the Greatest Videobomb Ever Done by a Fan. Absolutely EPIC.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]

It appeared to be just another regular pre-game TNT broadcast with Chris Webber and Kevin Harlan, but it quickly became apparent one fan in the background had other ideas as he proceeded to pull off one of the greatest national TV videobombs EVER.

New York Knicks vs Portland Trail BlazersBut the first shot showed someone in the background have a good old rummage up his nose.

Picking Nose Photobomb NBA

And it wasn’t just a little pick either, he was going IN.Picks Nose on National TV

When he was done he had a solid look at the rewards for his efforts.Looks at Bogies

Before looking directly at the camera and winking.Picks Nose Winks at Camera

And then sits there like nothing happened. Awesome.Fan Photobomb

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