75-Year-Old Grandma Ruins Every Excuse You’ve Ever Made For Not Working Out

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

75-Year-Old-Basketball-GrannyDo you ever skip workouts?

When was the last time you shot 200 hoops, ran laps, climbed a pole, and swung on monkey bars?
75 Year Old Basketball GrannyShe goes by the name of Zhu Shumei and this ‘basketball gran’ has become a living legend.
Basketball Granny on Monkey Bars
Every morning for the past 23 years this athletic granny has been going through her routine of shooting and strength training.
Basketball Gran Climbing a PoleShe is an inspiration to local students who have been holding fundraising events for her.
Zhu Shumei Basketball GranBut she doesn’t like to take the money offered to her, despite her financial hardship.
Basketball Grandma Shooting
Watch it for yourself:

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