These Are Just Awful. The 13 Worst Jordan Jumpman Logo Tattoos EVER.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

Ok, we get it, Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time, but is there really any need to get the Jumpman logo tattooed on yourself?

It may be the most common tattoo you will see on basketball courts around the world, and yeah, I don’t think it’s a great idea anyway, but these 13 people take it to a whole other level!

As if you would let anyone put permanent ink on you that looked like this…

1) This Doesn’t Even Look Like the Jumpman

Bad Jumpman TattooSource:

2) What Happened to His Left Leg?

Jumpman Logo Tattoo Fat LegSource: MTV

3) New York Yankees + The Jumpman…huh?

New York Yankees Jumpman Tattoo FailSource:

4) Did He Actually Get the Jumpman on His Neck Though?!

Jumpman Logo Neck TattooSource:

5) The Jumpman isn’t Too Bad…But the ‘Respect’?

Respect Jumpman Logo Tattoo CalvesSource:

6) Jumpman in a Spacesuit?!

Jumpman in A Spacesuit TattooSource:

7) Another Jumpman on the Neck…Doh

Jumpman on the Neck TattooSource:

8) Did He Actually Get the Jumpman on His Forehead?

Jumpman Logo Tattoo ForeheadSource:

9) Jumpman Tattoo Tribal Style

Jumpman Logo Tattoo Tribal FailSource:

10) Surely This Isn’t Meant to the The Jumpman


11) Jordan Sure Put on a Lot of Weight…

Jumpman Logo Shoulder Tattoo FailSource:

12) Is it Bugs Bunny or Is it the Jumpman?

Bugs Bunny Jumpman Logo Tattoo FailSource:

13) Jumpman Logo Sneaker Tattoo Fail

Jumpman Logo Air Jordan Tattoo Fail

Bonus: Lucky for This Kid, His Haircut Isn’t Permanent

Jumpman Logo Haircut Fail

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