I Always Knew Kobe Based His Game on Michael Jordan’s, But This is Something Else. Whoa.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Identical


When conversations are had about the closest player we’ve ever seen to Michael Jordan, the name that comes up most often, by far, is Kobe Bryant.

It is clear from watching Kobe that he has watched hours and hours of tape of MJ and not only has an incredibly similar style of game, but also a lot of the same mannerisms.


You can find countless photos of them both on the internet looking like almost the same player.

Starting with the jersey chew:

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Similarities


This right-handed one hander could be the same player:

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Identical Dunks


The classic hands on knees, tugging on shorts pic:

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Same Plays


Kobe and MJ throwing down the reverse:

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Identical Highlights


The patented fadeaway, which very few players in the history of the game have truly mastered like Kobe and MJ:

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Fadeaway


Even their jumpshot form is similar:

Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Jumpshots


Pictures are one thing, but you can the shocking reality in this perfectly edited video, putting all of their identical players together in one video. Wow.

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