Kobe Went Down 2 Letters in HORSE to a Fan, But Didn’t ONCE Get Rattled. He Won, While Talking Trash the Whole Time.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

”Don’t act like this ain’t what I do,” Kobe Bryant was yapping.

Despite going down H-O to fan Sami in an impromptu game of HORSE, Kobe didn’t get rattled, talking trash the entire time to come back and win the game comfortably – playing ‘strategically’ after seeing Sami had a stroke, shooting close up high difficulty shots with his weak hand.

Despite him winning, Sami left an impression on Kobe:

“If we don’t fill out this roster you might have a spot,” he finished with. LOL.

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