I Have NEVER Seen Two Teams Get So Confused in a Game Before, Let Alone at the World Championships! Wow.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]

Scoring in the wrong basket happens sometimes, but then the other team or the refs not realising, and inbounding the ball and going on the attack at the wrong end as well?! Never seen it before.

Things of this nature will sometimes happen but normally at low level games, never at the World Championships!

At the Under-17 Women’s FIBA World Championships, in a game between Mexico and Slovakia, Mexico’s Ramos shot two free throws, missed them both, Slovakia’s Kovacikova gets confused and scores on her own basket…and then a disorientated Mexican team, inbound from under the basket and promptly go and attack the other end – not their basket either! Madness.

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