These Kids Recreated All the NBA 2K14 Glitches in Real Life. The Result is SO on Point!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]

Video game glitches are the worst. Especially ones in our favorite game, NBA 2K14.

We might laugh about it, but deep down… everyone hates them. With that being said, we guarantee you laugh at this: a complete, real life rundown of all the glitches in NBA 2K14.

YouTube account JesserTheLazer absolutely nailed this real life re-creation of all of NBA 2K14’s biggest glitches; including the charge cheese, the patented swish from behind the backboard, the spin move steal and many more. Too perfect.

NBA 2K14 in Real Life

NBA 2K14 in Real Life Bad Pass

NBA 2K14 in Real Life Fould Out of Bounds

NBA 2K14 in Real Life Hold Ball

NBA 2K14 in Real Life Jump Shot

NBA 2K14 in Real Life Shot from Behind Backboard

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