This is Why You Don’t Tweet Your Intentions to Storm the Court During an NBA Game. LOL.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

First rule about storming a court? Don’t tweet about it.

A Cleveland Cavaliers fan got himself in hot water when sitting courtside at a Heat-Cavs game and tweeting his intentions to run on the court.

Security at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena has had multiple issues over the years, with the court being stormed on more than three or four occasions by fans trying to send a message, to LeBron James or Kyrie Irving.

On this occasion though, security was on the ball.

This fan tweeted out that if he got 1000 retweets he would run onto the court.

As it was approaching 1000 retweets, it looked like he had every intention of following through.

But just at the point when he reached the magic number, his courtside view turned into a roadside view lol.

He had some final words of advice for anyone else planning on trying it.

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