This Graphic Artist Re-Designed NBA Jerseys as If they Were Made by Brands. The Results are Awesome.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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NBA Jerseys Designed by BrandsEver wondered what your favourite NBA team’s jersey would look like if it were designed by a brand?

Now, thanks to Canadian designer Dilan Manahan, you can find out.

In his own words, “the idea was to pretend that brands designed NBA jerseys. That’s all.” The results, as you can see below, are pretty spectacular – check them out.

Make sure you follow Dilan on Twitter @DeadDilly or

Miami Heat – Alexander McQueen

Miami Heat Jersey Designed by Alexander McQueen

Orlando Magic – Disney

Orlando Magic Jersey - Disney

Boston Celtics – Unknown

Boston Celtics Jersey

Charlotte Bobcats – Jordan Brand

Charlotte Bobcats - Jordan Brand

Chicago Bulls – adidas YEEZUS

Chicago Bulls by adidas YEEZUS

Cleveland Cavaliers – Dilly/Multiple

Cleveland Cavaliers

Los Angeles Clippers – Banksy

LA Clippers Jersey - Banksy

Oklahoma City Thunder – Hood by Air

OKC Jersey Hood by Air

Atlanta Hawks – Coca Cola

Atlanta Hawks Jersey - Coca Cola

Milwaukee Bucks – Google

Milwaukee Bucks Jersey - Google

Memphis Grizzlies – Jeremy Scott

Memphis Grizzlies - Jeremy Scott

Golden State Warriors – Paramount

Golden State Warriors - Paramount

Houston Rockets – ASAP Worldwide

Houston Rockets Jersey - ASAP Worldwide

Indiana Pacers – Jay-Z

Indiana Pacers Jersey - Jay Z

Sacramento Kings – Rolex

Sacramento Kings Jersey - Rolex

Los Angeles Lakers – Tiffany & Co

Los Angeles Lakers Jersey - Tiffany & Co

Dallas Mavericks – Ralph Lauren

Dallas Mavericks Jersey - Ralph Lauren

Miami Heat – Marc Jacobs

Miami Heat Jersey - Marc Jacobs

Minnesota Timberwolves – Givenchy

Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey - Givenchy

Denver Nuggets – McDonald’s

Denver Nuggets Jersey - McDonalds

New York Knicks – Supreme

New York Knicks - Supreme

New Orleans Hornets – Marcelo Burlon

New Orleans Hornets Jersey - Marcelo Burlon

Phoenix Suns – 3M

Phoenix Suns Jersey - 3M

Washington Wizards – Levi’s

Washington Wizards Jersey - Levis

Detroit Pistons – General Motors

Detroit Pistons Jersey - GM

Portland Trail Blazers – Pendleton

Portland Trail Blazers Jersey - Pendleton

San Antonio Spurs – Apple

San Antonio Spurs Jersey - Apple

Toronto Raptors – Drake

Toronto Raptors Jersey - Drake

Utah Jazz – Carhartt

Utah Jazz Jersey - Carhartt

Brooklyn Nets – Donda

Brooklyn Nets - Donda

Cleveland Cavaliers – Rock and Roll

Cleveland Cavaliers - Rock and Roll

Memphis Grizzlies – Jeremy Scott

Memphis Grizzlies Jeremy Scott Jersey

Seattle Supersonics – Sega

Seattle Supersonics Jersey - Sega

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