One of the Best Basketball Pranks Ever. I Would Be So Upset If It Was Me.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]
No, thanks. [X]

I’m not sure if this basketball prank will ever be topped. Rewind to 2009, and two guys from the website, Streeter and Amir were involved in a “prank war”.

Amir’s last prank on Streeter was particularly cruel, basically making Streeter’s girlfriend at the time believe he had proposed to her (in front of 20,000 people at the Yankees game), and so Streeter was looking for revenge.

Enter the blindfolded half court shot. Prize money: $500,00.

Neil,an ESPN writer, who was in on the prank, said he had to go to a college game for work and promised Amir if he came with him, he would rig it so he would get picked to take the half court shot at halftime.

Amir obliges, and all is left is for Streeter to set it up.
Streeter Sets the SceneStreeter gets on the mic and explains to the crowd what he needs them to do…Amir will be blindfolded, shoot the shot, and everyone needs to celebrate as if it went in.
Streeter telling the fansMeanwhile, out back Amir is signing the “legal paperwork” to allow him to take the shot.Amir Signing PaperworkThey bring him out onto the court, and get him blind folded up as he lines up for the shot.Amir BlindfoldedHe lets it fly.Amir Shoots Half court ShotThe crowd screams as if he’s made the shot.
Crowd ReactionHe obviously thinks he’s made it and just won $500,000. Amir can’t believe it.
Amir Can't Believe ItWhilst he celebrates, Streeter comes out to present the cheque. This is the exact moment he sees Streeter, and realise it’s a prank.
Amir Realises its a prankOf course, he is devastated.Amir Devastated
Watch the clip and try not to laugh out loud!

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