6’8″ And Scared Of Yourself: Watch An NBA Draft Pick Wrestle With Panic Attacks On Draft Day

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Royce-White-Panic-AttacksFew things are more misunderstood in our society than mental illness.

Watch Royce White, a sensitive, 6’8”, talented basketball player, battle his anxiety disorder during the 24 hours leading up to the NBA Draft.
Royce White Panic Attack
It is obvious it is extremely distressing for him.
Royce White Breaks Down Anxiety
Seeing how White perseveres with the power of a smile (at 0:47) — even while being told drafting him is “too risky” (3:37) — is a testament to the human spirit.
Royce White Smiles
His journey and seeing how he celebrates with those closest to him is incredibly touching.
Royce White Hugging Mother
Watch his story:

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