This Kid Might Be the Best 14 Year Old Basketball Player Ever. Wow.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Depending on which sites you read, now-15-year-old Hammond High School sophomore, Seventh Woods, is either 6-1 or 6-2, and he’ll make you re-think what’s really possible for a kid in just 10th grade.

The South Carolina stud sophomore already has multiple mixtapes, and they’re necessary viewing for any high school basketball fan, or salivating scout. He will blow your mind.

Seventh Woods1
This mixtape was filmed when he was just 14 years old, which makes it all the more incredible.
Seventh Woods9
Seventh Woods’ athleticism is off the charts.
Seventh Woods2

Seventh Woods3

Seventh Woods4

Seventh Woods5

Seventh Woods6
And he is also a tenacious defender.
Seventh Woods7
He just makes it look too easy.
Seventh Woods8 

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