So This Is What You Do When You Leave The NBA. I Have a New Found Respect for Yao Ming.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Seriously, is there anybody buying ivory these days? Ah, sadly yes, and a lot of the customers are in China. It’s a big problem for the dwindling wildlife in Africa, so conservationists asked a very special Chinese icon to help, former NBA player Yao Ming.
Elephants Yao Ming
Even if you’ve never watched a basketball game in your life, I defy you not to be moved by his journey to Africa to investigate illegal ivory poaching. Dead ElephantIt can get graphic at times.
Yao Ming Ivory PoachingThe ivory trade is worth millions of dollars a year.Rhino Ivory PoachedMing took a deep look at the ivory trade on his journey which is beautifully documented by a film team.Yao Ming Looks at Ivory
The documentary, “The End of the Wild,” comes out in a few months. Here’s a sneak peek.

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