The 33 Most Streetball Moves That Have Ever Happened on an NBA Basketball Court. These Are SICK.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Streetball Moves in the NBA
It has long been said, that to make the league, you need to leave all the flash behind from your game, and focus on the fundamentals.

However, it doesn’t always work that way. Every now and again you will see a streetball move in the NBA; a player putting on a show that makes the crowd get on their feet.

We’ve searched the archives and put together 33 of the most streetball moves you will ever see in the NBA!

Check ’em out:

1) Stephon Marbury with the Wrap Around Fake on Vlade Divac

One of the great moves ever in an all-star game – such a shame he didn’t finish it.

2) Lance Stephenson through the Legs Shovel Pass

Stephenson with a completely unnecessary, but sick, through the legs shovel pass!

3) Jason Williams Spinning Pass to Williamson

You know this isn’t going to be the only time White Chocolate appears in this list.

4) Jason Richardson Bounces the Ball of Carlos Boozer’s Head

Carlos Boozer got pretty upset about this in the media afterwards.

5) Steve Francis Alley Oop Off the Self Bounce

May just have been the greatest ever travel in NBA history too.

6) Jason Williams Behind the Back Off the Elbow Pass

Arguably the most creative move in NBA history.

7) Tracy McGrady Self Pass Off the Backboard

The pioneer of using the glass to make a self-oop. T-Mac did this multiple times.

8) Allen Iverson Crosses Michael Jordan Twice

Allen Iverson is perhaps the king of bringing the street to the league, and this crossover (x2) on MJ is by far his greatest.

9) Michael Jordan Crosses against Larry Bird

On his way to 63, MJ gives Larry Bird the business.

10) Isiah Thomas Bounce Pass Alley Oop

Isiah Thomas bringing the street flavour into the NBA in the ’80s!

11) Lamar Odom No Look Alley Oop Pass to Darius Miles for the Alley Oop!

One of the greatest lob sequences of all time!

12) Steve Francis Toys with Troy Hudson

Had him in a daze!

13) Chris Webber Wrap Around Assist

C-Webb full on taking the piss with this one.

14) Jamal Crawford Behind the Back Move

Jamal Crawford’s patented ‘shake and bake’ is too sick and he’s pulled it off too many times to count!

15) Kyrie Irving Shammgod

Kyrie Irving might be the smoothest street player in the league today.

16) Baron Davis Behind the Back Fake Before Behind the Back Pass

Baron Davis goes behind the back once with the fake before dishing to PJ Brown.

17) Andray Blatche Over the Head Fake & Finish

Andray Blatche makes Len look the wrong way!

18) Jamaal Tinsley Dribbles Through Defender’s Legs

There is no-one, and I mean no-one, who has gone through as many people’s legs as Tinsley.

19) Chris Paul Shammgod into a Crossover & Finish

Chris Paul wheels and deals his way to the rack.

20) Steve Francis Pass Fake

Steve Francis shows off with a fancy ball fake.

21) Jamal Crawford Through the Legs Alley Oop

Ridiculous pass and a ridiculous finish. The definition of bringing streetball moves to the NBA!

22) Andre Iguodala Around the Back Lay Up

Iguodala going on silly in the Rookie-Sophomore game in 2005.

23) Jason Kidd Around the Back No Look Dish

Jason Kidd goes around the world before no looking to Vince Carter.

24) Allen Iverson Behind the Back Pass

Iverson wraps it behind his back before releasing for the assist.

25) Pistol Pete Maravich Fake

Before Jason Williams, there was ‘Pistol Pete’ Pete Maravich.

26) Jason Williams Fake & Over the Shoulder Assist

Jason Williams again with the crazy street move in an NBA game.

27) Hakeem Olajuwon with the Dream Shake on David Robinson

Olajuwon going street on Robinson after Robinson won the MVP before the ’95 Western Conference Finals

28) Magic Johnson No Look Pass

Magic is another one of those players that has too many to list here, but here is one of the nicest ones!

29) Allen Iverson Self Pass & Finish

AI wraps it under his arm on the self pass before finishing in the 2001 All Star Game.

30) Jason Williams Leaves Gary Payton for Dust

Gary Payton can only look back as J-Will puts one of the moves of the century on him.

31) Michael Jordan with One of Greatest Ball Fakes Ever

MJ putting those big hands to good use.

32) Rafer Alston with the Sick Fake & Teardrop

Rafer Alston a.k.a Skip to My Lou, one of the original streetball legends to make the league, goes back to his roots!

33) Allen Iverson Crosses Over Antonio McDaniels Twice

Allen Iverson gives Antonio McDaniels the business twice!

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