It’s Not My Thing, But These 34 People Actually Got NBA Players Tattooed on Them… #10 is Shocking.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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No, thanks. [X]

There is nothing more hardcore when it comes to being a fan than getting an NBA player’s face tattooed on your body for life.

Personally, it’s not really my thing, but always find it interesting to look at different ink work others have got done. Some of these are pretty incredibly, especially from an attention to detail standpoint, but some, are just downright awful.

We’ve trawled the internet and put together 34 different tributes of NBA players tattooed on fans’ bodies.

1) Gary Payton Tattoo

The Glove immortalised in ink.
Gary Payton TattooSource:

2) James Harden Tattoo

A surprise choice, but the beard looks magnificent.

3) Michael Jordan & Dennis Rodman Tattoo

The detail/shading on this is pretty epic.
Michael Jordan Dennis Rodman TattooSource:

4) Matt Bonner Tattoo

Wow. Just wow.

5) Allen Iverson & Julius Erving Tattoo

Two Philadelphia 76ers legends go down in history.

6) Wilt Chamberlain Tattoo

The highest scoring game in NBA history in tattoo format.
Wilt Chamberlain TattooSource: Philadelphia CBS Local

7) Kobe Bryant Leg Tattoo

I would’ve bet money on the fact Kobe Bryant would’ve had a few fan tattoos.
Kobe Bryant Leg TattooSource:

8) LeBron James Leg Tattoo

I think the nose might be a little too big?
LeBron James TattooSource:

9) Shaq Leg Tattoo

This is pretty on point in terms of actually looking like Shaq. But getting it tattooed on you? Not so sure.
Shaq TattooSource: The Basketball Jones

10) Charles Barkley Kissing Dick Bavetta Tattoo

NBA legend and TNT commentator Shaquille O’Neal joked that he would pay $1,000 to anyone who got a tattoo commemorating the famous kiss between Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta. The Hall of Fame forward and NBA official puckered up after a footrace at 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend.

Well, this fan took him up on the challenged. Oh lord.
Charles Barkley Dick Bavetta Tattoo

11) Kobe Bryant Upper Arm Tattoo

Another Kobe tattoo on a very skinny arm.
Kobe Bryant Upper Arm TattooSource:

12) LeBron James Chest Tattoo

LBJ representin’ on someone’s chest.
LeBron James Chest TattooSource:

13) Kobe Bryant Shoulder Tattoo

And yet another Kobe tattoo – detail on this one is pretty nuts.
Kobe Bryant Shoulder TattooSource:

15) Joakim Noah Thigh Tattoo

Interesting place to put Joakim.
Joakim Noah TattooSource:

16) Scottie Pippen Tattoo

An aged Scottie Pippen in tattoo form.
Tattoo of Scottie PippenSource:

17) Toni Kukoc Tattoo

This is on the same guy who has the above Scottie Pippen one.
Toni Kukoc TattooSource:

18) Drazen Petrovic Tattoo

Tribute to a rising NBA star that was gone too soon.
Drazen Petrovic TattooSource:

19) Stephon Marbury Tattoo

This was on a crazy Chinese fan.
Stephon Marbury TattooSource:

20) Dirk Nowitzki Tattoo

Dirk on a booty.
Dirk Nowitzki TattooSource: Yahoo

21) Magic Johnson Tattoo

Scarily similar.
Magic Johnson TattooSource:

22) Good Larry Bird Tattoo

Nice shading and detail on this one.
Larry Bird TattooSource:

23) Bad Larry Bird Tattoo

Not sure about this one though…
Larry Bird TattooSource:

24) David Robinson Tattoo

San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson.
David Robinson TattooSource:

25) Patrick Ewing Calf Tattoo

Tattoo to match the sneakers.

26) Nate Robinson Shoulder Tattoo

I think he tried to do this one on the cheap…
Nate Robinson TattooSource: Yahoo Sports

27) Tracy McGrady Tattoo

T-Mac on the shoulder.
Tracy McGrady TattooSource:

28) Jr Smith Tattoo

JR Smith’s brother, Chris Smith, has a tattoo of his older bro.

29) Michael Jordan Portrait Tattoo

Ok it turned out there were just far too many of Michael Jordan, so we made a whole separate post dedicated to Michael Jordan tattoos.

30) Charlie Villanueva Upper Arm Tattoo

Another interesting choice of player…
Charlie Villanueva TattooSource: MTV

31) Yao Ming Calf Tattoo

At least Yao is happy…
Yao-Ming-TattooSource: MTV

32) Jerry West Tattoo

‘The Logo’ but not as a logo.
Jerry West TattooSource: MTV

33) Jason Williams Tattoo

J-Will not looking too much like J-Will in his Sacramento days.
Jason Williams TattooSource: MTV

34) Another Bad Larry Bird Tattoo

Is it an old lady or is it Larry Bird?
Larry Bird TattooSource: MTV

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