When He Drove Down the Lane, Nobody Had Any Clue He Was About to Defy Gravity. I Can’t Believe My Eyes.

By Viral Hoops Staff

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The name Victor Dukes will go down in basketball history for throwing down one of the most insane gravity-defying dunks ever.

He was a 6’3″ sophomore at Nettleton High School in Arkansas and no-one had heard of him before this ridiculous throwdown. Above is the first angle that appeared on the internet, getting the rumor mill circling for what looked like the dunk of the year.

It was only when the second angle was released of the dunk (see bottom of post), that happened at the NEA Tournament finals at Arkansas State University, that it was confirmed. Wow.

First he squared up with the defender looking to make his move…
Victor Dukes Faces Up

He made a little hesitation dribble before driving left.Victor Dukes Makes His Move
He gathered the ball for his two steps
Victor Dukes Gathers in the LaneAnd began to take off as the defender came across to take the charge.Victor Dukes Take offHe rose up as the defender took a knee to the chest.Victor Dukes Dunk Knee to the Chest
Dukes carried on rising…
Victor Dukes Dunk
He got so high he was looking down at the rim
Victor Dukes Head at the Rim DunkThe defender took it so hard he collapsed in a heap afterwards.Defender Collapses After Victor Dukes DunkI don’t know what else to say but wow.

Watch other angles for yourself:

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