White Men Can Jump: 10 White Boys Dunking from the Free Throw Line With EASE. Holy Moly!

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Tyler-Inman-Free-Throw-Line-DunkPerhaps one of the most used phrases in basketball after a film with the same name, ‘white men can’t jump’, is a stereotype we see played out way too often.

However, there are exceptions to every rule. The following ten white dunkers will blow your mind with their leaping ability, as they all threw down from the free line with ease and style to go down in dunking folklore.

Next time anyone tells you white men can’t jump, make sure you direct them to this post!

1) Tyler Inman Self Pass Off the Bounce from the Free Throw Line

Tyler Inman of Southwestern Christian (Okla.) got a perfect 50 on his final dunk, a self pass off the bounce from the free throw line to win the 2014 NABC-NAIA Slam Dunk contest!
Tyler-Inman-Free-Throw-Line-DunkSource: NAIA

2) Brent Barry Becomes First White Guy to Do Free Throw Line in the NBA NBA Dunk Contest

The most famous of all the white free throw line dunkers, Brent Barry finished this one in the 1996 dunk contest for a clip that has been re-played over and over again ever since.
Brent-Barry-Free-Throw-Line-Dunk Source: NBA

3) Jim Dilling Takes Off With Full Foot Behind the Line

Forget just white guys, this might be the farthest anyone has ever taken off on a free throw line dunk. Wow.
Jim-Dilling-Free-Throw-Line-Dunk Source: jdill86

4) Henry Bekkering Two Feet from Free Throw Line

One of the first white guy dunker videos to hit the web, and it was an instant viral smash – in large part because of this dunk.
Henry-Bekkering-Free-Throw-Line-DunkSource: ShortyBeezUhThug

5) 19 Year Old Jared Roth Takes Off from the Line

Only nineteen and throwing down from the free throw line already?! Damn.
Jared-Roth-Free-Throw-Line-DunkSource: Jared Roth

6) West Virginia’s Joe Alexander Takes Flight from the Free Throw Line

6’8″ Joe Alexander has a very legit free throw line dunk when he was at West Virginia.
Joe-Alexander-Free-Throw-Line-DunkSource: derk0010

7) Marko Milic Back Foot on Free Throw Line & Over a Car!

The 6’6″ Slovenian swingman lost his college eligibility for this dunk, as he won a car after being dared by an auto dealer to jump over the car and dunk. Marko-Milic-Free-Throw-Link-Dunk-Over-CarSource: Mitja X

8) John Clark Two Feet From Free Throw Line

John Clark is another famous white dunker from his YouTube videos, and this clip shows why, going two feet from the line.
John-Clark-Free-Throw-Line-DunkSource: John Clark

9) Tim ‘Flight’ Lowe 360 with Back Foot On Free Throw Line

Back in 2003, 6’7″ Tim Lowe took off with his back foot on the free throw line and 360’d…comfortably.
Tim-Lowe-360-Free-Throw-Line-DunkSource: Team Flight Brothers

10) Eric Bishop Free Throw Line Dunk Over a Car

6’2″ 32 year old Eric Bishop takes flight from the free throw line over a car – at UNC, he was the 1996 and 1997 NCAA high jump champion.Eric-Bishop-Free-Throw-Line-Dunk-Over-a-CarSource: Flying 101

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