These 20 Basketball Celebration Fails Are Too Funny… #6 Had Me Rolling! LOL

By Viral Hoops Staff

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Nick-Young-Celebrates-Missed-Three-PointerThere is perhaps nothing more embarrassing than celebrating something you believe is a sure thing, only to have it taken away.

That was the case for a few of the below (number 6, is by far, the worst), but we’ve included everything from premature bench celebrations, to entire team celebrations, to trophy celebration fails and much more.

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1) Kent Bazemore’s Celebration Ruined by an Airball

Kent Bazemore is known for his bench celebrations, but this one was far too premature.

2) Brandon Jennings Misses a Three with Style

Jennings thought it was a sure thing, as did the bench…but as you can see, it was far from it.

3) Gatorade Shower Takes Out Coach…and Helper

Nothing like giving the coach a shower and almost knocking him out in the process.

4) Nate Robinson Fails Awfully Trying to Celebrate with Paul Pierce

Nate Robinson has always been known to be excitable, and this time he got carried away.

5) Candace Parker Headbutts Nneka Ogwumike as She Celebrates

A little celebration fail from the WNBA now, as Candace Parker inadvertently causes her teammate to have to get medical help with a deep cut.

6) Steven Pledger Fist Pumps for the Game Winner…and Misses

Oh wow. Pledger receives the rebound and puts up the potential game winner, fist pumps before it has gone in only to watch it bounce off the rim.

7) This is Why You NEVER Celebrate Too Early

Cibona and Partizan both learnt their lesson in this one – it ain’t over until it’s over!

8) Kobe Bryant Falls Whilst Imitating MJ

Kobe Bryant is known for having the most similar game to Michael Jordan, but I’m sure MJ never fell over like this.

9) Austin Daye Gets Chest Bumped to the Ground

This is what happens when you make the NBA at 175lbs.

10) Jason Terry Misses Go-Ahead Free Throw, Doesn’t Know Score & Celebrates

Jason Terry still didn’t admit after this that he was confused about the score, he said he was celebrating that the game went to overtime and the opposition didn’t win.

11) High School Player Takes Out Teammate with Chest Bump Fail

If you’re going to chest bump, make sure you both go in with the same amount of force, or this will happen.

12) Nick Young Thinks His Three is In…But it Isn’t

Oh, Swaggy P. Very little swag on this one, and a whole lot of fail.

13) Rick Pitino Gets Scared by Celebratory Fireworks After Winning National Championship

You think Rick Pitino would be chilled after just winning an NCAA championship, but instead is clearly still uptight as he gets shook when the fireworks and confetti goes off!

14) Von Wafer Celebrates Missed Dunk, Then Causes Teammate to Travel

If celebrating a missed dunk isn’t bad enough, Von Wafer makes it even worse by causing his teammate to travel when he re-enters the court.

15) Louisville Cheerleader Gets Tech Celebrating & Almost Costs Team the Game

Never let cheerleader’s on the court in a close game that is going down to the wire! Lucky for Louisville, they still got the W, despite this cheerleader getting a T in the final moments of the game.

16) Blindfolded Utah Jazz Fan Thinks He Made a 1 Million Dollar Shot…But He Didn’t

Two brothers punked their other brother at half time of a Utah Jazz game to make him think he won a million dollars. His celebration is just awesome.

17) Andre Drummond’s Rising Star Trophy Breaks & Falls

You think the NBA wouldn’t be tight about the trophy’s they get their league stars, but judging by how easily this one fell apart, maybe not.

18) Iowa State Coach Fred Hoiberg’s Celebration Dance

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg did a little dancing after the Cyclones beat North Carolina in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, and later apologised to his family.

19) Mark Madsen’s Celebration Dance at the 2002 Lakers Championship Parade

Mark Madesen, more famous for his dancing then he is for his game.

20) Another Blindfolded Fan Goes Mad When He Thinks He’s Made a 1 Million Dollar Shot…But He Hasn’t

The greatest basketball prank of all time.

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